Sunday, November 23, 2014

Snowman Wine Glass

Snowman Wine Glass
An easy, fun, affordable, simple DIY craft just in time to drink in style for the holidays!
Snowman Wine Glass What you need:
Paint brushes
Newspapers (optional, so paint does not get on your table! )
Masking tape (optional)
2 glasses
Black enamel pain
Orange enamel paint
White enamel paint


Snowman Wine Glass1. Make sure to wash glasses in warm water with soap first. Then clean the area you want to paint with using alcohol. Let them completely dry before adding any paint. ( TIP: I am following the instructions on the paint product I bought. Make sure to follow the instructions to the paint you buy. )

Snowman Wine Glass

2. Use white enamel to paint the bottom of the glass and let it dry at least 1 hour in between coats. I did two coats as seen below one coat was not enough. (see final photo at bottom for 2 coat finish) (OPTIONAL: I used masking tape to make a clean painting line.)

(TIP: When changing colors use a different brush or just clean it using a paper towel. DO NOT CLEAN THE BRUSH IN BETWEEN COATS OR COLORS WITH WATER)

Snowman Wine Glass

3.  Next paint the nose, eyes and mouth. Again let dry at least 1 hour in between coats. I will use clear medium over this so that it can last longer without chipping. I will eventually cure this in the oven following the instructions on the paint bottle.
Snowman Wine Glass

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