Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top 5 DIY Christmas Decorations

What I love about these DIY crafts is that we can recycle stuff we already have in our homes. Don't throw away that messed up garland you could recycle it for a new decoration! These are cheap, easy and fun Christmas / Winter DIY decorations!

1. Christmas Mickey Door Hanger
 Christmas Mickey Door Hanger

What you need:
  3 cheap bendable bracelets
  Tinsel garland
  4  bells
  Glue gun
 Christmas Mickey Door Hanger
 Start with 3 small cheap bracelets. Bend them to the appropriate size and shape. Then tie 4 ribbons to the bottom of the middle bracelet and tie on the bells.

 Christmas Mickey Door Hanger
 Next wrap garland around each ring separately and glue gun the ends on the bracelet. I like things "neat" so the photo on the left shows me pointing at some garland that is sticking out. I decide to give it a trim to make it look neater! (of course I didn't throw away the scraps I am saving them for a New Years Eve project!)

 Christmas Mickey Door Hanger
 Now glue gun the ears to the middle bracelet and add the final ribbon that will tie around the door knob/knocker.

2. Table Centerpiece
winter Table Centerpiece
On the left:

 What you need:
   Small ornaments
   Silver poinsettia
   Pine cones
   FolkArt extreme glitter acrylic paint ( my shade was turquoise )
   Paint brush

 Place a few pine cones in with the ornaments for a refreshing look. Then add silver poinsettias. I got silver twigs at the dollar store cut them in half and painted half with turquoise glitter paint!

Christmas Table Centerpiece

On the right:

What you need:
Vase or wine glass
4 Ornaments
4 Pine cones
3 Bells
Tinsel Garland

First place a small amount of tinsel on the bottom of the glass/vase. Then add pine cones with a few bells. Next add ornaments on the top. The photo on the right is a picture of the front and back of the same wine glass.

3. Snowflake Chandelier
 Snowflake Chandelier
What you need:
   paper (white of colored)
   hole puncher

 This is a really easy one! I looked up different snowflake patterns and cut them out. ( I have them pinned in my Christmas board on pinterest) For a great video to show you how to fold the paper in the proper shape (because it can be tricky) click this link: How to make a Snowflake
Then hole punch little holes at the top of each snowflake to place the string in. You can make this with as many snowflakes as your heart wants!

4. Sandy Beach Christmas Ornament
Sandy Beach Christmas Ornament
Sandy Beach Christmas Ornament
What you need:
  Glass ornaments
  Sand ( you can even use colorful sand!)
  Small shells
  Construction paper or funnel
  Small bowl ( optional )
Sandy Beach Christmas Ornament
Sandy Beach Christmas Ornament I don't have a funnel so I had to make one! Roll a piece of construction paper diagonally and tape it. I made sure that the hole at the bottom fit into the ornament opening before I taped it.

Sandy Beach Christmas Ornament
 Then place the ornament into a small bowl or in the middle of tape as seen on the left! This will keep it from rolling around while you place the funnel in the opening and pour the sand in! (NOTE: Why I didn't place more sand in? Placing to much sand will make the shells sink into the sand! I wanted to actually see the shells so I placed little sand into the ornament.
Sandy Beach Christmas Ornament

5. Candy Cane Tinsel Decoration

Candy Cane Tinsel Decoration
Candy Cane Tinsel Decoration
 What you need:
   Cereal box
   glue gun
   2 Tinsel garland (or 1 cut in half depending on the size of your candy cane and garland )
Candy Cane Tinsel Decoration

 First cut the cereal box open like the photo above. Then draw a candy cane and cut it out. ( I was able to make two candy canes from one box of cereal. ) Next glue one end on the tinsel garland on the the end of the candy cane and then wrapped it around until it meets the other end. Now glue that end down as well! ( I used garland that I bought at the dollar store from last year. Now these pretty decorations are hanging on by balcony! ) (NOTE: You could even draw out a Christmas tree and wrap it with garland! )

Please let me know in the comments below what you think about these decorations! Which is your favorite? If you plan on making any of these I would love to see pictures! Happy Decorating!

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