Friday, April 17, 2015

DIY Office Chair Reupholstery

DIY Office Chair Reupholstery

Not happy with your office chair? Found one at a yard sale? Restyle it to fit you! This is an easy quick DIY tutorial. Just make sure to be safe and follow instructions when handling a staple gun. Always ask someone for help if you are unsure.

Staple Gun
Pins ( optional)

Lets get started.
I bought cute polyester navy blue and white anchor fabric at Hobby Lobby to use for this project!
Use a screwdriver to take the screws out. ( In my case I had 2 screws for the backrest and 4 for the seat.) Then pry the plastic off carefully.  I used my screwdriver for this as well.

DIY Office Chair Reupholstery
 Next cut out the fabric to fit the seat and backrest. I rolled out the fabric then placed the seat or backrest on top to measure how much fabric I needed. I left about 2 inches of fabric around from the seat or backrest. (Each chair will be different in the amount of fabric used!) This gave enough room to cover the sides, staple to the bottom and fold the edges of the fabric in so no loose strings will unravel.
DIY Office Chair Reupholstery
( Optional: I simply used pins to fasten the fabric around the back so that I could follow this layout when stapling. This made sure that I don't move the fabric while stapling. You don't want to do all that hard work to find out you pulled on the fabric and don't have enough to cover the seat!) Also before you begin stapling make sure the front side looks neat, tight and smooth.
DIY Office Chair Reupholstery
Time to staple! I did the staples fairly close so that the fabric kept tight with no bubbles.
DIY Office Chair Reupholstery

 Now push them back into their plastic covers and screw them onto the office chair. Now you have a one of a kind beautiful chair. I just love anchors!
DIY Office Chair Reupholstery

If you have all the supplies but the fabric this DIY project will be cheap and quick. 
I bought a staple gun at Home Depot for about $9, staples for $3 and fabric at Hobby Lobby for $6 ( I bought 1 yard and have extra left over.)

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