Monday, June 27, 2016

4th of July Seashell Summer Wreath

4th of July Seashell Summer Wreath
 Summer is one of my favorite times because I love the beach! I wanted to make a festive 4th of July wreath with my love for seashells!

Folk Art Acrylic paint in red, and blue
Paint brush
3 wooden stars ( Mine were pre-painted white with sliver glitter on them)
Masking tape
Twig wreath
Glue gun
Silver glitter stars ( I bought this in the nail polish section!)

4th of July Seashell Summer Wreath

1. Place masking tape on the star in order to paint a blue area. Let dry then take off the masking tape. (seen above after the masking tape was taken off.)
2. Then place masking tape stripes. Color the open stripes red. Wait until dry then remove masking tape.
3. Place a little dot of glue on the star and use tweezers to place onto the star.
4. Repeat on two more stars.
5.Glue the stars to the wreath using a glue gun.
6. Glue any kind of seashells onto the wreath
7. Add a ribbon on top and enjoy!

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