Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Unique Gifts

5 Unique Gifts
Don't want to go out on Black Friday? Don't worry, I've got you covered! Here are 5 affordable, fun, and unique gifts.

1. Makeup Organizer
5 Unique Gifts Makeup organizer
Know someone who loves makeup? Use a desk organizer for makeup / hair accessories! A great gift idea for a teen girl or adult woman.  I bought this at staples here is the link if you want the same one

 2. Custom Scarf Camera Strap
5 Unique Gifts camera strap

 For the photographer in your family. This will keep a photographer warm during winter and fashionable during the spring. Buy a scarf and turn it into a strap. This photo and idea on the right is from

 3. Recipe Box
5 Unique Gifts disney recipe box You can buy a plain recipe box and use craft paper with mod podge to design it special for the foodie in your life. You can include and share a few of your recipes to help them get started as well! The photo and idea on the left is from

 4. Movie Gift Basket
5 Unique Gifts movie gift basket

 For every movie goer in your circle. Build a basket full of candy, popcorn, drinks, a movie or movie tickets. This photo and idea on the right is from

 5. Personalized  Wine Glass

5 Unique Gifts snowman wine glass

You can personalized it with names, initials, or make these cute snowmen for the winter season (tutorial coming soon).

Do you know some unique gifts? Share in the comments below!