Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thanksgiving Nature Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Nature Centerpiece
Ever thought you didn't have enough time or money for a fabulous center piece? Worry no more! This was a last minute centerpiece I put together last year. At dinner I got several compliments! I found all the items necessary to make this around my house.

What you need:
Pine cones
Different colored rocks
LED color changing light
Wine glass (or) any glass to your liking

First fill up the glass with approximately 20 clear marbles. Then place red, green, and brown rocks on top of the marbles and put the LED color changing light in. Next take twigs and place them around the light until your happy with the presentation. After fill the glass with water (don't over flow it) and then place leaves around the bottom of the glass. At last set 3 pine cones around the glass.

Don't have an LED light? No problem it looks just as fabulous without it. If you have a floating candle that would be a nice substitute also!
Thanksgiving Nature Centerpiece

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