Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Time Centerpiece

Spring Time or Easter Centerpiece under $5

After spring cleaning is done treat yourself to a refreshing spring time or Easter bouquet centerpiece for under $5! (Cheaper if you already made the Spring Time Wreath.) I was able to use a vase that had rocks already in it. I managed to find some ribbon I had laying around. I bought the rest of the supplies at the dollar store.

Rocks ( any kind )
Tulips bouquet
Tweedia bouquet
Butterfly bouquet
Foam glitter Easter Eggs (optional, this is if you are making an Easter centerpiece instead of spring )

Place rocks in the vase then add the bouquet.
Play with the wire stems until you find an arrangement that you love.
Take off a few Tweedia or butterflies and place the eggs into the stems
With the left over eggs place them into the vase
Tie a bow and admire you lovely centerpiece

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