Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Time Wreath

Spring Time or Easter Wreath
This beautiful spring time wreath is only $4. $3 if you don't include the butterfly!

Have I mentioned my love for the dollar store? Well it works wonders when your on a budget for holidays. I have seen wreaths this small from $10-$30! Now I always thinks less is more. I thought about adding more flowers but it just looked to "cluttered.". I love the way the colors just pop. This project is GLUE free!

1 Bouquet of tulips
Foam glitter Easter eggs
Butterfly bouquet ( optional )
Ribbon to tie onto the door hanger

First place the tulips in the wreath by weaving their stems into the twigs. 
Then mold the wire stem until your happy with the way the flower looks. 
Next add the eggs by poking a twig in them. If no twig is available where you want an egg just simply break a twig.
When adding the butterfly make sure to keep the wire stem long enough to weave into a twig.
Tie the ribbon at a top twig and enjoy!
Spring Time or Easter Wreath

Perfect for Easter or Spring time. With the left over butterflies, tulips and eggs I made a spring time / Easter centerpiece that you can find by clicking here.

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