Friday, September 18, 2015

How To Host A Ladies' Night In

How To Host A DIY pinterest Ladies' Night In
I decided to host a ladies' night in for the 1st time. It went amazing. I think it's nice to have a day off to catch up with friends, make beautiful DIY craft projects and eat some delicious treats. Each month I will post a ladies' night in list of ideas from crafts to food!

 Below is a guide on how to host a ladies’ night in.

1. Choose a DIY craft project
I chose 6 popular pinterest ideas and placed them in my invitation for guest to vote. You will see this in step 2 below.   However, If you don't have time for that I will be making a monthly ladies' night in post with food and craft ideas all in one place.

2. Invitations
   I found a great way to send invitations and keep everything organized. I used google forms to make a special cute invitation with a list of important questions. It only takes a few simple minutes. Best of all you can see how many guest will be attending! The 1st invitation I sent can be seen here for an example. Since it was my 1st time hosting the 2nd question was to figure out how this would work. I think it worked out that everyone bought their own supplies but we shared things in bulk like paint, and brushes. After completion of this form I sent a follow up message to the ladies interested notifying them of the day chosen, project, how many guest were attending and a second form seen here. Then when it came close to the event I sent everyone a reminder notification with the time, address of the event and food/drinks that will be available.

3. Presentation
 Before ladies' night in make sure to add a some fun elements to your theme. For example we were painting so I bought an orange tablecloth to go with the Halloween/Fall theme. Then I presented the paint brushes in a square container with rocks on top of a paint palette seen in the photo above. I had little bowls of water set between two people. I placed green plastic silverware in a pumpkin Minnie mug. You can play a movie in the background or music. Be creative and have fun with it.

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