DIY Polymer Clay Fairy House

DIY fun fairy house

The perfect fun DIY project for spring! This also makes a great gift!

What you need:
Polymer Clay in white, red, green and brown
Acrylic roller
Mason jar
X-acto knife
Led light or candle ( optional )

 1. Make sure to clean your mason jar with warm soap and water. Let dry before use.

 2. Roll out the white clay and apply it to the jar. Once on the jar press down firmly and smooth out. Cut the leftover ends with an X-acto knife. Cut the door and windows out of the white clay in any shape or size. Be creative!

2. Roll out brown clay large enough to fit the door. Place the rolled out clay onto the door and with the X-acto blade cut the outline of the door. Press the door firmly onto the jar. Roll out thin pieces of brown clay and trim the door and windows. Don't forget to add a door knob!

3. For the vines roll out 2 thin pieces of green clay separately. Then twist them together. Apply this onto the white clay. Have fun with the design! To add leaves roll out green clay and cut the desired leaf shape. Then apply to the vines.

4.Roses. Mix a little of white and red clay together to make pink. Roll a tiny amount of clay in a ball. Then roll it out into a circle of your desired thickness. This is now a petal. Make as many as you want. With the first petal roll it into a little burrito without folding the ends. Then keep adding petals and shape them as you go. Place them on the vines firmly.
DIY fun fairy house roses
5. Roll out the red clay and cover the jar lid. Then place white clay circles to give it a mushroom look. After you are happy with your fairy house make sure to cure your project! The clay should have instructions on how to do this. Different clay varies in the temperature to cure. Make sure to read the instructions carefully.

DIY fun fairy house

At night I love to place a candle inside. I would love to see your finished projects!


  1. Where did you buy the jar? I am doing a project like this but I bought a tall mason jar from Micheal's and it seems harder to work with. Also did you use any glue?

    1. I bought the jar at Hobby Lobby. No glue needed! The clay should stick just fine onto the jar. Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you very much. I have never heard of Hobby Lobby but hopefully I will visit. I also wanted to thank you on your tutorial. I have seen a lot of images of these types of DIYs but no one decides to show the tutorial, so thank you so much. I also know how to make roses now so that's great!

    3. Your welcome! It's great to hear that this tutorial will help you on your project. Here is the website and if no store is near you Joann is another great store


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