Planning A Fun Unique Mother's Day

Planning A Fun Unique Mother's Day

Mother's day is coming fast! Are you looking for something different to do for mom than the usual breakfast in bed? Well keep reading for some fun unique Mother's Day gifts and games. On a tight budget? Don't worry I've got you covered look for the $ sign for tips! Here are 5 creative ideas for Mother's Day.

1. Water balloon fight
Water balloon fight and toss for Mother's Day Fill the balloons with water and tie them. Then write something special about mom, a favorite moment, or why your thankful for her on the balloons with a sharpie. Place the balloons in a bucket to give mom and have her read the sayings then throw them at the person who wrote it.
Water balloon toss
If you want to have a water balloon toss have the person who wrote the saying toss it to mom. Then after she reads the saying she tosses it back. Keep tossing until it breaks! Mom deserves to have some fun too!

TIP: Water balloons can be bought in different colors at the dollar store.

2.  DIY Vase or Candle holder
Mother's Day beach theme vase and candle jarCreate a vase or candle holder in moms favorite color. I used FolkArt extreme glitter acrylic pain in Turquoise. I painted 2 layers letting them dry in-between coats.
For the square candle holder I used Fosted Glass spray paint over the whole jar.
For the mason jar I used an acrylic medium paint over the whole jar. Then I used a glue gun to place the twine around the top. Next I glued shells and glass rocks to the twine and jar.

TIP : Use a jar around the house or go to the dollar store to buy a vase / candle holder. You can also find shells, twine and glass rocks at the dollar store.

3. Spa in a Jar. 
IMG_5828 this one 
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Fill a jar up with a spa gift card, massage oils, body scrubs, facial masks, manicure tools, lotion, nail polish, lip stick and etc

4. Wooden Photo Block
Wooden Photo BlockBuy a wooden block and mod podge at an art store. Then find some photos and cut them to your desired shape. Paint the block with mod podge one side at a time then place your photo on top of the mod podge. Once it dries place mod pogde over the photo to seal it. Continue this around the block.

5. Sewing in a Jar
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Fill a jar with your basic sewing essentials! This is super cute for mom to take on the go. This is also great for moms beginning to sew or a simple tool to help mom get organized.